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Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundation Subjected to Strong Ground Motion Using Fiber Elements (16806 Views)
Evaluating the Validity of Quasi-Static Analysis for Prediction of Vessel Mooring Line Forces (15531 Views)
An Investigation on Beach Profile Changes in Front of Seawalls (14516 Views)
Fragility Curves Derivation for a Pile-Supported Wharf (13973 Views)
An analysis of Role of Dry Ports on Development of Container Transit from the Iranian South Ports by Balanced Scorecard Method (12911 Views)
Stability of the Modified Euler Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of TLP (12053 Views)
Numerical Modeling of Oil Slick Spread in the Persian Gulf (11930 Views)
Numerical Solution of the Symmetric Water Impact of a Wedge Considering Dynamic Equations of Motion (7865 Views)
A Review on the Drag Reduction Methods of the Ship Hulls for Improving the Hydrodynamic Performance (2954 Views)
Field Measurements and 3D Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamics in Chabahar Bay, Iran (2843 Views)
CFD Analysis on the Bare Hull Form of Submarines for Minimizing the Resistance (2820 Views)
Simulation of Wave Propagation over Coastal Structures Using WCSPH Method (2788 Views)
Added Resistance of an AUV Moving Inside a Water Pipeline Due to Wall Proximity (2695 Views)
Numerical Modeling of Saline Gravity Currents Using EARSM and Buoyant k- Turbulence Closures (2639 Views)
An Investigation into the Pull-out Failure Mechanisms of Suction Caissons (2619 Views)
Reliability Based Assessment of Existing Fixed Offshore Platforms Located in the Persian Gulf (2600 Views)
Estimation of Reshaped Profile of Berm Breakwaters Using Experimental Data (2533 Views)
Study of Fixed Jacket Offshore Platform in the Optimization Design Process under Environmental Loads (2492 Views)
Buckling Analysis of Panels and Comparative Study on ABS and DNV Rules (2466 Views)
VIV of Tapered Cylinders: 3D LES Numerical Simulation (2378 Views)
A numerical investigation into the crack effects on the natural frequencies of the plates (2371 Views)
A Practical Method for Investigation of Aerodynamic and Longitudinal Static Stability of Wing-in-Ground Effect (2359 Views)
A Survey on Precision of Nested Water Level Data Derived From Delft3D Model (2326 Views)
Prediction of Mean Overtopping Discharge at Vertical Seawalls Using MLR and GLM Statistical Approaches (2323 Views)
Degree of Bending (DoB) in Tubular KT-Joints of Jacket Structures Subjected to Axial Loads (2260 Views)
Investigation of Keel Curvature Effect on the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a V-Shaped Planing Surface (2172 Views)
Stress Concentration Factors in Uniplanar Tubular KT-Joints of Jacket Structures Subjected to In-Plane Bending Loads (2163 Views)
Predicting ε50 for Lateral Behavior of Piles in Marine Clay Using an Evolutionary Based Approach (2151 Views)
Weakly-compressible SPH and Experimental modeling of periodic wave breaking on a plane slope (1866 Views)
Technical Notes on the Near Surface Experiments of Submerged Submarine (1839 Views)
FEM Updating for Offshore Jacket Structures Using Measured Incomplete Modal Data (1800 Views)
Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Tunnel Height on Drag Reduction in a High Speed Trimaran (1711 Views)
Dynamics of a Single Point Mooring Marine Aquaculture Cage as a Simple Vibrating System (1615 Views)
Effects of Loading Conditions on Hydrodynamics of a Hard-Chine Planing Vessel Using CFD and a Dynamic Model (1438 Views)
Design Algorithm of a Free Surface Water Tunnel to Test the Surface-Piercing Propellers (SPP); Case Study Water Tunnel of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology (1186 Views)
Assessment of Semi-Active Tunes Mass Damper Application in Suppressing Seismic-Induced Vibration of an Existing Jacket Platform (1154 Views)
Second Generation IMO Intact Stability Vulnerability Criteria and its Application to ships Navigating in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea (1129 Views)
Parametric Study on Wave Interaction with a Porous Submerged Rubble Mound Breakwater Using Modified N-S Equations and Cut-Cell Method (1109 Views)
Residence Times in a Hypersaline Creek: Using Salinity as a Tracer (1084 Views)
Effect of the Spudcan’s Footprints on Nearby Jacket’s Mudmat in Clayey Soil-Case Study (978 Views)
Comparative Study of Design Berthing Energy on Fender as per Indian Standard IS4651 Part-3:1974 and British Standard BS6349 Part-4:1994 (956 Views)
Evaluation of Moonpool Effects on Hydrodynamic Resistance of a Supply Vessel, Using Experimental and Numerical Methods (897 Views)
Sandbar Migration Due to Cross-Shore Sediment Transport; A Case Study of Noshahr Coasts, Iran (797 Views)
Time Domain Analysis of the Ventilation around the Partial Immersed Propeller Using Sliding Mesh Method (737 Views)
Hybrid Adaptive Neural Network AUV controller design with Sliding Mode Robust Term (658 Views)
Investigation of the Pile Aging Effect of a Fixed Offshore Platform Located in Persian Gulf using Nonlinear Soil-Pile Interactions (227 Views)
Hull Performance Assessment and Comparison of Ship-Shaped and Cylindrical FPSOs With Regards To: Stability, Sea-Keeping, Mooring and Riser Loads In Shallow Water (219 Views)
Investigation of Drag Coefficient at Subcritical and Critical Reynolds Number Region for Circular Cylinder with Helical Grooves (210 Views)
Viscous Models Comparison in Water Impact of Twin 2D Falling Wedges Simulation by Different Numerical Solvers (189 Views)
A New Propulsion System for Microswimmer Robot and Optimizing Geometrical Parameters Using PSO Algorithm (175 Views)
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