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International Journal of Maritime Technology

“International Journal of Maritime Technology” (IJMT) is a fully open access, double blind, peer reviewed, electronic and print,  bi-quarterly publication which covers areas related to maritime technology such as Offshore Engineering; Naval Architecture; Marine Structural Mechanics; Safety and Reliability; Materials; Pipelines and Risers; Polar and Arctic Engineering; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Vortex Induced Vibrations; Port and Waterfront Design and Engineering; Linear and Nonlinear Wave Mechanics; Hydrodynamics; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Cable, Mooring, Buoy Technology; Underwater Technology; Geotechnology; Foundation Engineering; Ocean Mining; Coastal Engineering; Marine Renewable Energy; Aquacultural Engineering; Instrumentation; Full-Scale measurements; Model Tests; Satellite Observations; Marine Environmental Engineering; Stochastic Processes; Hydroelasticity, Subsea Engineering; Fluid Mechanics; Ocean Acoustics, Oceanographical Engineering; Computational Methods/Numerical Analysis; Shore Protection; beach nourishment; sediment transport; Risk and Limit State Design and Assessment; Ship Manoeuvring; Seakeeping and Control Systems; and Ship Resistance and Propulsion.

Discussion on a paper is open until three month after publishing of it. Authors do not have to pay any open access publication fee for submission or article processing. In case of the approval of the Editorial Board of the Journal, the authors of the paper will be invited to send their reply for publication in the next issues of the journal. The discussion and the authors’ reply will be printed in the second further issues of the journal.

Marine scientists and academic are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. The publication appears at regular time intervals two times a year. IJMT is fully open access and full texts of published articles are available to the public through the journal’s website for free. However, since October 22, 2020 in order to recover some of the costs of layout, plagiarism checking, indexing and other costs of the journal, if the article has been accepted to publish, a deposit of the amount of 4,000,000 Rials from respected authors will be requested.

Account Number: 33326289
International Bank Account Number (IBAN) IR590180000000000033326289 
Debit Card:  5859837008771244 (Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)

IJMT practices peer-review process to control the scholarly content of submitted manuscripts by international experts. IJMT’s Editorial Board selects manuscripts with excellence in content, preferably without commercial targets.
After the acceptance of the article, the authors are requested to complete and submit the publication agreement form. The text file of this contract includes the copyright of the article.
The link to download the conflict form is as follows:

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International Journal of Maritime Technology

2023، Volume 19، Number 0

Print ISSN: 2345-6000

Online ISSN: 2476-5333

Director-in-Charge: Mohammad Saeed Seif

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Saeed Seif

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